ONSEN Bathtime sets out to make Japanese bath salts available to bathing fans in the UK.

Many of those who have lived and worked in Japan fall in love with Japan’s traditional bathing culture. Whether it is in the family o-furo (お風呂) after a long and stressful day at work, at a beautiful rural onsen (温泉) overlooking the mountains, or at an urban sento (銭湯) hidden away in one of the city’s sprawling suburbs, bathing is an element of Japanese culture to which visitors often form a fond and lasting attachment.


Whilst there may be no onsen in the UK (at least today), bathing has long been a favourite pastime of the English, and a way to soak and stew away the stiffness of the cold winter months. ONSEN Bathtime would like to make authentic Japanese bath salts available at a reasonable price and accessible to those of us who don’t happen to read fluent Japanese.


In Japan, onsen no moto (温泉の元), literally ‘hotspring essence’, are extremely popular bathing products. In the same way that English children grow up with bubble bath, Japanese children grow up soaking in these colourful, aromatic, soapy bath salts.


And whilst the young ones enjoy the sensory stimulation of the colours and smells, Onsen no moto is popular among adults due to its myriad of health benefits. The salts contain a variety of minerals and gentle moisturisers to leave your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.