Japanese Cherry Blossom (Yuzawa) **CLOUDY**

Japanese Cherry Blossom (Yuzawa) **CLOUDY**


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'Yuzawa is an old town where travellers used to stay on the Mikuni highway. It is also famous as the stage for Yukari Kawabata’s novel ‘Snow Country’.' (Niigata Prefecture)

AROMA: The scent of mountain cherry blossoms.

COLOUR: Milky White.

INGREDIENTS: anhydrous sodium sulfate*, bicarbonate Na*, Na carbonate, angelica root powder*, Ti oxide, lactose, perfumes, polyacrylic acid Na, synthetic silicate Al, bentonite, polyacrylic acid, pearl barley extract, anhydride metasilicate Na, dry sulphate Na, oleic acid POE (20) sorbitan, BG

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