New Leaf Forest *Forest Bathing Bathbombs*

New Leaf Forest *Forest Bathing Bathbombs*


AROMA: The scent of fresh spring leaves from Japan’s cool-temperature deciduous forests with oaks and beeches. These are found in central Honshu and southern Hokkaido.

COLOUR: Lemon Green.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Kakkon or Kudzu root (anti-inflammatory), Ginger root (anti-aging, skin tone)

INGREDIENTS: anhydrous sodium sulfate, bicarbonate Na, succinic acid, dextrin, PEG 6000, calcium silicate, kakkon extract, ginger root extract, ethanol, BG, liquid paraffin, perfume, yellow 4, yellow 5, red 102, blue 1*. *colour depends on bomb type.

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